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5 Adorable Videos: COVID-19 & Alzheimer’s

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Brighten Your Day
With Carol and Kay!

Videos can be wonderful therapy for times that are not-so-wonderful these days. The ones below provide COVID-19 & Alzheimer’s advice, and are no exception. These two make a great team, bringing all of us joy, laughter, strength, and a dose of reality. Time very well spent – time invested in yourself.

Carol and Kay: Day Brighteners


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Carol Lambert is the author of It’s a New Day, Every Ten Minutes! (Watch for a Guest Author essay from Carol about the book soon!) Originally from New York, Carol enjoyed a professional career in radio and television broadcasting and advertising. In addition to It’s a New Day, she has written for publications, web, and audio recordings.

Carol volunteers for many organizations and has been the on-air spokesperson for various Public Broadcasting fundraisers. She is currently a caregiver to her mother Kay, who has survived the “behavioral side effects” of Alzheimer’s and is active in senior communities. You can learn more here.


Are you kidding me? Kay turned 95 in July and is adorable!

She was born in New York and enjoyed a career as a secretary and homemaker. She is active in social clubs and senior communities. Her hobbies include arts, crafts, karaoke, dancing, and has a great love of family and friends.

Kay wants to thank all who watch her videos and encourages everyone to keep a positive attitude about memory loss. She believes people should try to conquer the “behavioral side-effects” of the illness by using positive approaches to life. She says: “Listen to advice from your doctors, stay active, have fun, and remember, the first 100 years are the hardest!”

She would not change a thing!

“Listen to advice from your doctors, stay active, have fun, and remember, the first 100 years are the hardest!”


Easter COVID-19 Part 1

Introducing the team of Carol and Kay. They are quite the mother/daughter team working together, coming to you from their home in New York. They not only support Kay, living well with Alzheimers, but they are using their relationship to help others understand its many facets. Watch for the fun interruption that causes Part 2!

Easter COVID-19 Part 2

Carol and Kay are back for Part 2 after a fun, but unexpected break. Kay, who is 94 and has lived with Alzheimer’s for 20 years, has agreed to share her experiences through these videos. They hope to encourage others in a positive way. Learn more about them and some of the activities they enjoy, in spite of being isolated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hint: there may or may not be a crush on John Wayne mentioned!

COVID-19 & Alzheimers Coping with Flower Arranging

Hear Carol and Kay talk about the benefits of a regular schedule and how that can motivate us each day. Part of the regular routine are activities. Today, that activity includes arranging flowers. Watch for some advice near the end about balancing awareness of the world around us, without the overload of negative news. (Get Memory Joggers for more fun activities!)

Protect Yourself – We are From the Future!

Learn more about Kay’s early days with memory loss and how she started on the Alzheimer’s journey. Then, watch some of their ideas on ways they protect themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through this COVID-19 & Alzheimer’s advice, they transform into “Future Fashionistas!”

Simplicity Heals

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make a big impact. Where she can, Kay participates in the daily “chores” around the home. Each appropriate chore is a different activity that allows her to stay involved, be present, and in some cases, gets a bit of exercise. Kay wraps up this last video with a wish for all of us to “have a great day.” With Carol’s help, it appears she does that quite frequently – in spite of COVID-19 & Alzheimer’s.

OK, I Feel Better Now

The total viewing time of these videos is way less than an hour. I feel better than if I spent an hour on a Therapist’s couch. It’s like when I visit my hair stylist. For years, I’ve told him that I feel the haircuts are free – I pay for therapy. I always feel better when I leave than when I arrived.

Kind of like these videos.

Enjoy and be well.