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JADCOM Media LLCJADCOM Media operates websites focused on a wide range of topics. With our online portfolio, you can expand your brand’s visibility by publishing unique content on highly targeted topics.

Each website has its own target audience. Your article must speak directly to that audience and becomes a permanent part of that site.

Article Guidelines

  1. AI generated content is not allowed.
  2. Your content must be original and not published elsewhere.
  3. Submitted work must be well written and highly relevant to the site’s audience.
  4. Shorter sentences and paragraphs are better for the online reader than longer ones.
  5. Only videos, images, and graphics to which you have the rights can be used. (JADCOM Media can help with generic, copyright-free images as needed.)
  6. Each article will be published anonymously – meaning, as if it came from the website itself. Regular contributors may become eligible for an optional Bio section at the end of the article that can include another dofollow link.
  7. Individual articles do not indicate Sponsored, but each site conforms to the FTC’s disclosure requirements.
  8. All articles are formatted for maximum SEO benefits and search engine indexing.
  9. No adult, casino/gambling, CBD/vaping content, or link insertion requests accepted.

Link Guidelines

  • Main Article: 2 outbound, dofollow links allowed.
  • Additional links to informative sites (Wikipedia, etc.) as needed for additional information are allowed.

The Portfolio


JADCOM Media LLCHere on JADCOM Media, our focus is to help your business thrive. Articles are welcome that helps us share valuable information. Business, Money, Health, Travel, Social Media, and Home & DIY are the current areas of focus.

If you have a topic that is outside of these areas, let’s talk. We’re happy to expand JADCOM Media’s focus where it makes sense.

American Made HQ

Made in AmericaTo support the growing passion of Americans to buy domestically and to buy locally, American Made HQ showcases the best products made right here in the United States.

American made products are represented with articles about the companies and their commitment to domestic manufacturing.

Your audience is made up of visitors actively search for products by state, or by a growing collection of product categories.

New Again Auto Detail

new again auto detail advice car care tips tricksNew Again Auto Detail is devoted to helping car care fans apply professional detailing techniques. Advice ranging from beginning to advanced is shared for those interested in taking care of their cars the way professionals do. Tips, tricks, and valuable products are shared.

Your audience is a dedicated group of individuals who care deeply about taking care of their vehicles. From cars and trucks, to motorcycles and ATVs, to boats and planes, New Again Auto Detail visitors are looking for products and services to take care of their rides.

Unlimited Hydroplane Racing

Unlimited Hydroplanes race at speeds in excess of 200 m.p.h. This is a fan site devoted to the sport and focuses on races throughout the United States.

The site has a growing focus on sharing video of past races, supporting a longstanding, and very passionate fan base.

Your audience is comprised of both boat racing fans as well as boats in general. They love the outdoors and have a certain affinity for craft or vehicles of any kind.

Submitting your work

Your article draft text should be sent in Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, or PDF format. You are welcome to embed photos and images where you wish them to appear. However those original images must also be provided as separate attachments in JPG/JPEG or PNG format. The higher the resolution, the better.

Remember, only images to which you hold the rights (or can be attributed appropriately) can be used.

If you happen to use WordPress, you’re welcome to format the article how you’d like, then send in the “Text” version instead of the “Visual.” This will save formatting time and enable your article to be published faster.


When you submit a contributor article, JADCOM Media LLC retains the copyright for every article published on the site. As an author you freely give up that right in exchange for ongoing visibility of your content. JADCOM Media LLC reserves the right to edit or remove any submission.

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