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Small businesses, professionals, and non-profit organizations – no matter the size – benefit from having a professional online presence. JADCOM Media understands the needs of these groups and is dedicated to helping you promote your activities to the public.

Whether that is a professional website or effective advertising graphics for social media, your image deserves a “best foot forward!”

JADCOM Media uses WordPress to build quality websites efficiently, saving you money. WordPress is a flexible and efficient tool which maximizes your investment. First, it enables your site to be up and running inexpensively. Second, by being a popular authoring tool you will always have experienced designers available to you.

Pair efficient web design with effective graphics design, and you have a very strong one-two marketing punch. Get what you want quickly and keep it up-to-date easily.

Existing Site Refresh

The closer one is to something, the harder it is to see the detail. That’s why it’s always good to have “another set of eyes” review your work. You might have a site already and don’t realize it could use a refresh.

For example, things change. Do you know that every link on your site still works? Have you ever had a second set of eyes review your site’s operation? Is your content still valid during current times? Could the overall “look” do with a cleanup?

One example we discovered lately was a site whose Customer Service email address was broken and they were not getting sales inquiries. Fixing that one issue was a dramatic improvement!

Regardless of the magnitude of change you need to make on your existing website, JADCOM Media can get those updates made quickly and accurately to help you get back to business!


The best way to get a feel for a web designer’s style is to look at past projects. You know your business better than anyone, and you know how you want it portrayed. Matching a style to your personality is a critical element to expanding your brand visibility.

The following is a variety of websites built to date by JADCOM Media. Some are simple (as requested.) Some are much more complex (also as requested.) If the style aligns with your tastes, get in touch to discuss your project.

Dementia Map

Dementia Map by JADCOM MediaDementia Map is Global Resource Directory for the dementia community. Visitors are persons living with dementia, those who care for them, professionals, and members of the medical community.

Resources are listed in over 160 categories allowing those who are seeking support to connect with products and services valuable to them. An Events Calendar provides the opportunity for members to share their events for maximum participation.

Advertising for paid plan members appears throughout the site, allowing brands to extend their visibility.

Memory Cafe Directory

memory cafe directory alzheimers dementiaMemory Cafes are “dementia-friendly” outings for individuals living with early to mid-stage Alzheimer’s Disease. They enjoy these together with their caregivers.

Memory Cafe Directory has nearly 900 Memory Cafe listings in four countries. This is a free service to help connect families with valuable Memory Cafe outings. The site is supported through advertising.

Unlimited Hydroplane Racing

Unlimited Hydroplane Racing small business website consultingUnlimited Hydroplanes race at speeds in excess of 200 m.p.h. This is a fan site devoted to the sport and focuses on races throughout the United States.

The site has a growing focus on sharing video of past races, supporting a longstanding, and very passionate fan base.

Home Inspection and Repair

Home Inspection and Repair is a global directory for the home inspection industry. It lists home inspectors, home owners and real estate agents can find to assist in a real estate transaction. Most home purchase offers are made “contingent” on an acceptable inspection.

Contractors are also shown as many inspectors are licensed contractors. Also shown are real estate Buyer’s Agents to help prospective buyers navigate the complicated home purchase process.

New Again Auto Detail

new again auto detail advice car care tips tricksNew Again Auto Detail is devoted to helping car care fans apply professional detailing techniques. Advice ranging from beginning to advanced is shared for those interested in taking care of their cars the way professionals do. Tips, tricks, and valuable products are shared.

Graphics Design Projects

Graphics don’t have to be elaborate to be effective. JADCOM Media takes a “simpler is better” approach. Attention-getting graphics with simple messaging and strong calls to action is the strategy we use. In addition, it is important to build continuity to align with the look of your website, product, or other key identity elements.

Here’s just few examples of client projects:

Escape From Dementia 450X250 Dementia Society of America 450x250
Arthur's Senior Care

How JADCOM Media Works with You

JADCOM Media works closely with you to develop the look and feel you want in a website or graphic element. It is rare for a small business owner to know exactly what they want, right from the beginning. We address that in a logical manner.

The What

First, we discuss the purpose of your project. You may want a simple “billboard” type of website sharing your name, address, hours of operation, and contact information. A few nice pictures and you’re done. It may be an simple banner ad to display on yours or other websites.

However, you may want to tell more about your products and services, share photos and videos, along with your social media feeds and really share your brand’s message through a comprehensive and well designed website. You may have the need to create a full design strategy for your overall messaging.

Or, something in between.

The How

We iterate! The best way to ensure the right direction every step of the way is to take many small steps. By doing so, a large development effort that is a bit off-track is prevented. Small corrections every step of the way get us to the destination in the shortest possible path.

It’s like woodcarving. We start with a chainsaw, move to a handsaw, then a carving tool, and finally, sandpaper. Just as a carver can’t afford to take the wrong path, we ensure the final masterpiece is always in view.

The When

The best time to start is RIGHT NOW! Your brand can take shape with little effort, along with the first of many small and easy to mange steps.

Get in touch today!