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JADCOM Media LLC is a publishing, marketing, and business services company. We can help you with your business project, whether you are thinking of creating a website, ready to publish that book, need help managing your social media presence, or need support in any number of back office operations.

JADCOM Media can support you in many ways – but it is much, much more!

In addition to direct support of your business operations, JADCOM Media publishes in-depth information on a variety of interesting topics. Here’s just a few:

Made in the USA

JADCOM Media Made in USALet’s face it, we’re in challenging times. It will take time and plenty of effort to get back to whatever “normal” will be in the future. A significant step we can all take to shorten and simplify the global supply chains we’ve all unwittingly become reliant upon is to look for ways to buy products Made in America.

It is becoming harder and harder to find great products made right here in the United States. They exist – many of them. The challenge is that there are so many imported products, the domestic ones often get lost in the shuffle. My goal is to identify great domestic products and cast the light on them they deserve.

Each purchase of a domestic product strengthens the American economy just a bit. JADCOM Media publishes articles on U.S.-based companies whose products are made domestically. Read more about why buying products Made in the USA is so important, then come back to JADCOM Media to look for US-made products every time you shop!

Personal Finance

Personal FinanceI am NOT an investment advisor. However, I’ve been a hobbyist student of economics and prudent investing nearly my whole life. There will not be any investment advice delivered, but I will share my Personal Finance perspectives, what I’m doing, and why.

Educate yourself, assess your situation, get professional advice, and make the best decisions for you. My hope is that I can provide some “regular guy” perspectives.

Eco Living

The growth of renewable energy in recent years has been impressive. I have had an interest in renewable energy long before it was “cool.” Watch for information about all forms of renewable energy (solar, wind, battery storage, etc.) now that it really is cool!


“TravelTirement” was an area of focus some years ago. It was the excited anticipation of early retirement that caused a sort of countdown to the day. It was more of a point in time for milestones like children’s high school and college graduations.

Traveling in retirement is a key reason for retiring in the first place! With any luck at all, we’ll get back to somewhat of a “normal” time where we can more freely – and safely – move around the world.

So Much More!

In a section that might later be called “Lifestyle” to pull together all the items that could be classified as “too many ideas, and not enough time or Internet real estate to do them justice. As a result, here’s just a few of the topics you’ll be seeing once I get rolling:

Meet Dave Wiederrich

JADCOM Media is Dave’s outlet for too much creativity, too many ideas, and not enough hours in the day to hold all his online real estate. Enjoy the topics here, then read about his other sites.

Finally, if you happen to like his web design style, get in touch to have JADCOM Media create the perfect online persona for your business.

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