Editing and Publishing

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You’ve recorded that podcast, drafted that book, or recorded that video. It’s rough, but it’s done. What do you do?

If you don’t have the technical background in audio or video editing, or the communications background to format your message and edit it for clarity and accuracy, JADCOM Media can help!


The growth at which people are consuming their news and information through audio has been, and continues to be dramatic. The first step in becoming a part of that growth is to create your message. Your message can not be created any better than by you!

The challenge lies in formatting the production of your messages that is appealing enough to your listeners that they want to come back for more. A great message that is poorly produced is a big turn-off for listeners. If you’re creating a podcast, you’ve probably heard a few of these:

  • Low speaking volumes, then getting blasted by music that is way too loud isn’t very inviting
  • An interview where the host comes through you left ear bud and the guest through the right
  • 90% of the content is outstanding, but the 10% that turns you off could have been removed; but it wasn’t

You get the picture. Let JADCOM Media take your brilliant work and let it shine through!

Books and eBooks

Writing the Great American Novel is a noble – and very intimidating – goal. Many get it done, and if you’re reading this, you have, too. Congratulations!

But where do you go from here? The world of publishing can also be intimidating, and self-publishing isn’t any easier. There’s file types, markup language, formatting issues, and many more challenges. At JADCOM Media, we can manage the technical side of your publication, allowing you to simply choose the options we present.

You’ve taken your vision from concept to draft to DONE! Now, let us help you get it to PUBLISHED!


After decades in the Corporate world, with a focus on Marketing and Corporate Communications, JADCOM Media can help you bring your video project to life.

Whether you have a rough video you shot that needs editing or you have a vision for a project that needs managing, you’ve come to the right place.

JADCOM Media will support your project, whether is be a Podcast, Book or eBook, or Video!

Sample Project

Available on Amazon

When an author needed to migrate his published book to the Amazon Kindle platform, JADCOM Media managed the project. The Kindle requires a very special format using the Amazon authoring tool.

Mirrors of the Camino (Bateman, 2020) is a wonderful account of a dual journey of a 21st century couple, Randy and Patty, in their 60s, hiking the Camino de Santiago, sharing how they came to walk their first Camino and their experiences along the way.

Their experiences are paired with the Renaissance era commentary of an actual sixteenth century protestant minister Stephen, who not only bears the same surname and ancestral origins as his co-author, but authored his own book in the Middle Ages on pilgrimages.

JADCOM Media designed the template and consistent formatting to use, then edited the original content to conform to the Kindle platform. A very successful project showcasing an equally wonderful story!

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