6 Ways to Mentally Refresh After a Stressful Day

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Daily life is full of stress these days. Between work, world events, caring for an aging parent, and trying to get the kids to school or sports activities, people are more stressed than ever before. Many people believe that daily stress is normal and assume that this kind of stress is just a part of their every day routine.

In a recent national survey, 21% of adults reported that they were experiencing instances where they got angry very quickly and a further 20% said that they had recently screamed at a loved one. These kinds of statistics clearly show how much stress affects our overall behavior and how it can influence our ability to cope with normal daily challenges.

If you are ready to make stress a smaller part of your daily life, read on to learn some ways to mentally refresh and reduce your stress levels after a very stressful day. And remember, your mental health is just as important as your physical health. If self-care doesn’t help manage your stress, it’s essential to get a therapist for further help.

how to refresh your mind from stress
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Ways to Mentally Refresh After a Stressful Day

1 Meditate

Meditation is a powerful way to deal with stress in your daily life. Meditation reprograms the brain to let go of the fight or flight mentality that often accompanies stress. Allowing your brain to rest is a great way to make it possible to process experiences and feelings in a much more effective way and let them go at the end of your day.

Meditation can be done for as little as five minutes or as long as an hour. Even taking a break to meditate a few times throughout your day can make it possible for your brain to get the space that it needs to release tension and get back to healthy thinking patterns. Just the deep breaths alone can be helpful. Being able to relax, sleep, and find emotional regulation can make a big difference in your ability to face new challenges when they show up – not to mention the positive impact on blood pressure.

how to refresh you mind from stress
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2 Write It Down

Journaling can be a very healthy practice for many people who are struggling with stress in their daily lives. Sometimes writing things down can help you to process them and seeing your thoughts on paper can help you to get some more perspective about tough situations that you might find yourself in during the present moment.

Imagine how much talking to a friend can help you when you are feeling like you don’t know what to do. Journaling could be the best way to obtain the same powerful means of self-assessment without judgment that can come from talking to a trusted companion. Your journal can also become a tool to release negative experiences and some people will actually burn their stress journals when they are completed as a symbolic means of letting those bad thoughts and feelings go.

3 Go for a Walk

While this is a tried-and-true means to calm down that many of us were told about by our parents or other adults growing up, there is real science that backs this solution for stress. Movement and working out releases endorphins that help your brain to reset to positive thinking processes instead of being locked into fearful, anxious, or angry thought patterns.

We did not evolve to sit at a desk all day, and being able to move can help your body to regulate hormones while you get some fresh air and calm down. Vitamin D is also a mood booster, so walking when it is nice out can be an extra beneficial experience when you are stressed.

4 Take a Break From Social Media

Social media is often a great place to go if you want to see comments that make you angry or to come into contact with others who like to see if they can get a rise out of people. Social media offers other positive benefits, but it is not usually a great place to turn for some peace and relaxation after a tough day.

Taking a break from screens in general and taking a nap, or just sitting outside quietly can be a big help to your sense of stress and worry. Read a book, or listen to music and take a break from screens and social interaction. You will be amazed at how much better you feel when you can unplug for at least a half-hour each day.

5 Take a Bath

While this is not always the right solution for everyone, there is something so peaceful and relaxing about soaking in a tub of warm water and just resting your eyes and letting your thoughts drift. Warm water soothes aches and pains as well as making you feel more relaxed. You will find that it is hard to use electronics in the bath as well, which helps you to take a break from screens while you are soaking.

A bubble bath is more therapeutic than people think and taking a hot bath when you feel upset or stressed can really help you to calm down and be able to get your thoughts in order. There are many different ways to hit the reset button and positively impact your overall health.

6 Invest in a Hobby

Hobbies are more therapeutic than you think. If you love running, make it your hobby. If you love to paint, start making your own art. There are so many options for hobby activities that you will be able to find just the right one for you.

Hobbies are a great outlet for personal creativity and provide an activity to look forward to after a hard day at work. Hobbies also offer you the chance to develop new skills rather than the ones that you are required to learn at work every day. This change of “scenery” by exercising your creative side can be great for your mental well-being.

how to refresh you mind from stress
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Handling Stress Doesn’t Have to be a Challenge

Making the time to care for your mental health is important. Stress does not have to be a normal part of your daily life if you choose not to let it control your days. There are some stressors that you will never be able to fully avoid, but making time for your own personal mental health can make it much easier to handle challenges when they come along.

Escaping from stress for at least part of every day is a necessary part of self-care and you should invest this effort in your well-being every day. Eliminate negative thoughts, practice deep breathing, take a brisk walk, or even sit down with a good book – spending time in these areas next time you have a few minutes can be one of the most effective ways to help your mental state and move you closer to inner peace.

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