Ways 2 Wellness Activity Books for Seniors

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Ways 2 Wellness is a publishing company – a highly focused publishing company. They create activities for dementia caregivers, along with custom-branded publications and programs for senior communities.

The Ways 2 Wellness Senior Wellness Program provides a wonderful variety of monthly engagement activities you can enjoy with your loved one. They are emailed directly to you for you to print at home, keeping the cost very, very low. If you prefer, they offer physical books, too!

If you are a professional, keep reading – they have something for you, too!

Introducing Ways 2 Wellness

Ways 2 Wellness is a media company that creates custom activity and engagement-based publications for caregivers. They also have a complete branding program for senior communities.

Senior Activities Delivered Conveniently


Every month, Ways 2 Wellness will deliver to you through email, a set of activities for seniors, along with ideas and guidance to support caregivers. Activities are organized in collections, designed specifically for you to print the ones (or all!) that resonate with you and your loved one. Use them to engage with your senior through wellness-themed puzzles, coloring, and reminiscing exercises.


For organizations, custom branded books are available for promotional use. Ways 2 Wellness ships printed books directly from their Nashville, Tennessee “Puzzle Factory.”

Custom Built Senior Activities

These are not “off-the-shelf” activities. Ways 2 Wellness creates these publications exclusively for this program… specifically for you! The publications include large type for easy reading and custom-created artwork.

Print Senior Activities with Minimal Ink

All printed materials are designed and formatted for easy printing at home. Since they design all the materials, they have also taken great care to design the pages to use as little ink as possible!

Engage with Empathy. Promote with Purpose.

I love their slogan! Ways 2 Wellness believes keeping your loved one stimulated and engaged shouldn’t be time-consuming or require searching hundreds of millions of web pages. That’s why they created a wellness program designed to support you and engage your loved one with empathy & compassion.

Let’s take a look at the Ways 2 Wellness program!

Ways 2 Wellness Themes

There are three Wellness Themes associated with the Ways 2 Wellness Senior Wellness Program.

The Puzzle Experience

Ways 2 Wellness PuzzlesMany of the Ways 2 Wellness puzzles are built around a theme. This consistency of focus in each puzzle helps to further prompt mental engagement. Seniors can stay sharp and engaged with an exciting range of wellness-themed puzzles.

The Puzzle Experience was designed specifically for individuals in the 55-70 age range but are very enjoyable for anyone!

Puzzles are a great way for all of us to stay mentally sharp – and enjoy a few moments of relaxation and diversion.

Recalling facts in a crossword, finding words in a sea of letters in a word search, aligning numbers to match in Sudoku – and so much more – all help strengthen our cognitive abilities.

Colorful Fun!

Ways 2 Wellness ColoringSeniors experiencing cognitive decline need accessible, fun, and playful art projects and simple puzzles. “Colorful Fun!” is designed for individuals from 70-95, but of course, can be fun for anyone.

The Colorful Fun illustrations are respectfully designed with adult themes in mind. These aren’t childish or “juvenile,” but instead, resonate tastefully with older adults. Their simple designs help to reduce anxiety. Easy mazes, games, simple word searches, and thoughtful questions will keep the mind of your loved one active and engaged.

In addition to the easy-to-color images that can spark memories and conversation, Ways 2 Wellness extends the cognitive connections through themes and connected activities.

For example, a coloring activity called “Beat the Heat” might have images of watermelon slices, a lemon aide pitcher, an Asian fan, and a portable air conditioner unit. Then, a word search activity appears on the next page that connects to “Beat the Heat.” The puzzler is asked to find terms such as breeze, fan, hydrate, ice, sunglasses, and more.

Combining these two sensory exercises in a coordinated way becomes a powerful “cognition connection” tool. Plus, it provides hours of entertainment!

Wellness Program Guide

Ways 2 Wellness GuidePay attention, professionals!

The monthly Wellness Program Guide provides even more activities for you to help your loved one stay engaged. Plus, it share helpful ways you can maximize the benefits that come with a Ways 2 Wellness subscription. These added elements help you use the activities in the most effective way possible.

The Wellness Program Guide also has tools for senior living community professionals. Activity Directors will love the structure that is offered, allowing you to implement wonderful enrichment activities with minimal effort. It also includes a variety of community event ideas.

Here are three ways professionals can benefit every day:

  1. Easy-to-run Event & Dementia care Programming. “Plug-and-Play” programming designed by senior engagement consultants.
  2. Wellness-Focused. Keep your community moving & focused on healthy nutrition.
  3. Build on themes in the publications. Use the themes in the publications as a launch pad for entertainment.

Feeds? You Said Feeds. Ways 2 Wellness Feeds?

Great! You were paying attention earlier. Yes! Ways 2 Wellness helps to feed those in need. And they do that in YOUR local area!


A full 15% of subscription fees are donated to local nutrition assistance programs. These are “local” donations, because they direct their support to organizations based on your zip code.


It is no secret that many Americans struggle to keep an adequate supply of nutritious food on the table. That challenge is especially true in many parts of our senior community.

Ways 2 Wellness believes their platform is perfectly suited to help you help your local communities. By targeting programs based on YOUR zip code, they can direct their donations to those in need in YOUR local region.

Ways 2 Wellness Benefits

There are many benefits to the Ways 2 Wellness program, and those benefits touch many levels. You might be a family caregiver working hard to keep your loved one safe and happy at home. You may be a professional working in a Continuing Care Community. You may be a member of a Home Care company.

There really is something for everyone!

Ways 2 Wellness Benefits Memory Cafe Directory 1

With APPROPRIATE activities to stimulate and engage, your loved one’s satisfaction is positively supported. Without the distractions of advertisements, the content can be the center of attention – as it should be. Delivery? There’s nothing easier than a monthly email to help you with fresh activities!

Ways 2 Wellness Benefits Memory Cafe Directory 2

Much of the success lies in the nature of the content, since it is custom-created specifically for seniors and using large, easy-to-read text. For residential communities and home care organizations, there is no staff time needed to develop the content. The Distribution License is flexible enough to where you can easily make the best use of the content with your communities.

What’s the Cost?

Extremely reasonable! Consider the level of focused and stimulating engagement that’s been discussed already. Add to that the convenience of fresh material served up weekly, conveniently appearing in your email inbox.

The Ways 2 Wellness Senior Wellness Program is just $9.99 per month!

That’s right, for less than 35¢ per day, plus a few sheets of paper run through your printer, you can share engaging and stimulating activities with your loved one year round!

They do offer an annual plan at $109.99. That’s like getting one month FREE every year!

How Do I Get My Own?

Get Yours Today!

Glad you asked! It is a very simple process!

Visit Ways2Wellness and choose either their monthly or yearly plan. Pay with a credit card, and you’re all set!

Start a new chapter of stimulating engagement today!