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Memory Cafes are Good for Business

Memory Cafes are Good for Business. Hosting a Memory Cafe is not only a great way to be more deeply involved with your local community, but it can be a valuable strategy for your business as well.

Memory Cafes are Good for Business

Coffee shops are a common location. But any welcoming, comfortable space is a candidate as well. The best locations are not too loud, without distractions and loud sounds. A quiet time for your business can be a perfect time for a Memory Cafe.

Memory Cafes are Good for Business
Find a Memory Cafe Near You

Memory Cafe Directory allows individuals to find Memory Cafes near them. But there isn’t always one near by. As a result, new Memory Cafes are starting up all the time, and your business can be a part of providing a valuable service.

We’ll be sharing a lot more details about how you can host a Memory Cafe. You’ll learn the benefits that come with being a part of the community. By opening your doors to an important segment of your community, you can do some good for them – and for you.

Memory Cafes listed in Memory Cafe Directory take place is a wide variety of locations. From coffee shops to museums to libraries to community centers. For each of these locations, there are hundreds of them as variations on these themes.

For now, visit our Memory Cafe Startup Guide to understand the needs of those starting Memory Cafes. It should help you understand how to best serve them. Then, take a look at the other resources available below to get a deeper sense of the need. That will allow you to position your business to be a part of the solution.

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