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Dementia Education & Care Means the World to Me

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Alicia A. Reid

My mission is to give caregivers and families who are caring for Alzheimer’s/Dementia clients/patients, a “peace of mind.” My writing style is informative and expository to empathize with the client/patient and their families.

I became an author because family caregivers wanted to learn from me. They stated the courses online won’t work as they are not computer savvy so they asked me to build books.

I wrote my first book and a second, so forth and so on. Starting my writing journey began in the summer of 2020. I wanted to create informative books. I do create courses and other learning content that’s focused on dementia. After caring for my grandmother that suffered from dementia, I gained the urge to be involved with dementia care. My published books are listed below.

A Caregivers Guide: Alzheimer’s and Dementia

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I wrote this book for caregivers and families to inform them with information on how to cope and how to give care to Alzheimer’s and Dementia clients/ patients. They will discover the reality of the clients / patients life.

They will also learn how to be prepared for different scenarios that will take place. They will learn of resources and references that’s available to Alzheimer’s and Dementia clients / patients as a caregiver.

They will be well equipped for their clients / patients and the family needs. They will learn the types and stages of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. They will find in this book how to become certified and trained through me and other organizations.

Herbal Healing for Your Mind

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I wrote this book so people will discover the herbs that aid in healing the mind (brain) associated with Alzheimer’s & Dementia. They will also discover the benefits, where it grows and how to use it.

They will find places all over the world where these memory-saving herbs are grown. They will learn new recipes to prepare that will wake up your taste buds and strengthen your brain cells.

Memories of Surviving: Inspirational Quotes & Poems with 30 Day Journal

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I wrote this book to give hope and inspiration to those grieving with dementia or caring for someone with the disease.

This book is to help with someone’s thoughts and emotions.

This book will give hope through the storms of this disease.

We all have someone in our lives at some point with memory loss don’t we?

Health & Wellness Tips for Caregivers

I wrote this book (Amazon) to help caregivers find health and wellness tips and guidance to help them stay healthy and strong.

Also, this book will give caregivers the inspiration to keep going through tough days.

This book is full of vivid images to relax the mind and calm the emotions of stressed and burnout caregivers.

About the Author: Alicia A. Reid

Alicia is an Alzheimer’s & Dementia Educator at Serenity Alzheimer’s & Dementia Training LLC. Connect with her at:

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