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Welcome to Memory Cafe Directory!

Memory Cafe Directory is the only resource you need to find a Memory Cafe… but it’s a lot more! In addition to in-person and virtual events, Memory Cafe Directory is home to activities and other great resources. Just about anything you need to find, enjoy, start, or operate a Memory Cafe!

What Does Memory Cafe Directory Offer?

Let’s start with the namesake:

Memory Cafe Directory

It is your premier source of information about Memory Cafes across America, in Canada, Australia, the U.K., and more. Find a Memory Cafe near you here.

Cafe Connect Virtual Memory Cafes

Memory Cafe Directory started first as listing “in-person” events. However, because virtual Memory Cafes have become popular, there is now Cafe Connect Virtual Memory Cafe Calendar on Memory Cafe Directory.

Often taking place via Zoom or other online platforms, virtual Memory Cafes allow participation from the comfort and safety of home – no matter where home is!

Memory Cafe Activity: Memory Joggers

One of the most often shared challenges Memory Cafe facilitators face is keeping activities fresh, engaging, and beneficial. To assist in that area, I created a recall exercise called Memory Joggers.

Memory Joggers is a collection of hundreds of familiar sayings, formatted to leave off the last word. The facilitator reads the phrase aloud and asks the participants to finish it. Every time we recall a memory or bit of trivia, it strengthens the tie to that memory. Learn more about memory recall benefits here.

Resource Library

In addition to the most comprehensive Memory Cafe directory available and a fun, beneficial recall game called Memory Joggers, you’ll find a growing collection of valuable information to assist caregivers and individuals living with dementia everywhere.

From Guest Authors and Guest Contributors to product reviews and news articles on a wide variety of topics – and much, much more!

Memory Cafe Directory is your central information hub!

Memory Cafe Near Me?

Memory Cafes are not everywhere, but they are growing quickly. We show you where they are so you can visit them easily, and add new ones as quickly as possible.

memory cafe directory cafe connect virtual online telephonePlus, you can find a virtual Memory Cafe that doesn’t really have a “location” but fits your schedule perfectly to attend online. Cafe Connect shares this rapidly-growing collection of online events, allowing you to pick a time and day that works for you – and possibly meet new friends from around the world!

What is a Memory Cafe?

A Memory Cafe is a great place for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or any dementia or other memory loss. But it’s not just for them, but for their caregivers as well. A Memory Cafe is a safe and comfortable space where people can socialize, listen to music, play games and other activities. They can simply enjoy the company of those with the same things in common.

Another benefit is in the sharing of information and acquiring the knowledge about local resources and other forms of information and support.

Here’s a great way to learn more about Memory Cafes and how they can be a valuable tool in your caregiving toolbox:

How Can I Start My Own?

Available on Amazon

You can start a Memory Cafe in your own area. We’ve been collecting valuable resources for starting your own Memory Cafe. Get them now, but come back often – we’re adding to them as we find more we like!

About Memory Cafe Directory

We believe it takes a wide variety of resources to support individuals with mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s, or any form of dementia. Memory Cafes are a key part of that resources pool.

With our own family and friends touched by dementia, we are passionate about helping others find Memory Cafes to they can take advantage of this valuable resource.

By creating a comprehensive global directory for Memory Cafes, we believe we can help raise awareness of the value Memory Cafes bring to families. Through the directory, we hope to allow more people to participate and enjoy the benefits Memory Cafes offer.

We look forward to seeing Memory Cafe growth, and to expand our listings for everyone’s benefit.

Thank you.

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