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How Two Friends are Helping You Celebrate Beer!

We’re Markus and Dave. We’re friends. We’re business colleagues. We like beer. Many types of beer. (Not-so-much Mead, but then many are of the opinion that Mead isn’t really beer.)

It is the variety of beer that drives us. The exploration. The anticipation. The sensation. The business case.

The picture you see here is an annual beer festival. Starting to get the idea?

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Beer fan sites are ‘dime-a-dozen.’ Why should I get excited about this one?”

It’s All About Perspective

North America, and we might say specifically, the Pacific Northwest, is what we believe to be the center of the Earth when it comes to the modern craft beer movement. Not just in the PNW, but beer is a significant industry in the US and around the world. Businesses are created in basements and garages brewing batches of that golden nectar and have the same chance of success as major corporations.

Beer Tasting Flight

Germany specifically, is growing and advancing, and is proving to be a worthy adversary. The craft beers there are already very good and continuing to get better. As a result, the overall industry is evolving as well.

Pacific Northwest “VS” Germany?

Well, this isn’t a competition nor is it adversarial. (Even if it was, the winners would be all of us beer lovers!) It is more about extending a deep friendship and the common love of beer and business.

The Backstory

Markus is from Germany. Dave is from Portland, Oregon. We met in our corporate jobs when Markus had an Expat assignment in Portland. We worked closely together on high profile events, and at the end of each one, we would celebrate over… you guessed it… a beer!

As a native German speaker who also grew up speaking English, and came to the US for his advanced degree, Markus’ perspectives of the two countries not only helped Dave in the corporate gig, but is playing well into this one, too.

Beer Brewing EquipmentDave is a native Portlander whose father brewed beer in the family basement. A fond memory as a child was when his grip was strong enough to pinch closed the rubber hose used to siphon the completed beer into bottles. With that came the honor of starting the siphon by sucking on the hose and as a result, his first taste of beer – at about seven years old!

Both our friendship and our love of seeking out new and different beers and related products and business models grew over the years. (Our wives were very patient with us, thankfully!) Portland, and the broader region in the Pacific Northwest has no shortage of quality and quantity, which made it very easy for us in our search.

The Pacific Northwest “TO” Germany!

All Expat assignments must eventually come to an end. And so it did for Markus. As planning for his eventual return to Germany took place, so did an idea for a way to continue our search for new and exciting beers and the products and companies that support them – even if it means having nine time zones between us.

What Happens Now?

The reason for this introduction is to set the scene for what’s coming. With Markus back in Germany and Dave still in Portland, we have the opportunity to share unique perspectives about the beer business.

And that’s what we’re going to do!

Watch JADCOM Media for articles about business in general, but BEER specifically. We’ll share beer trends, how they impact both the USA and Germany, and unique products that will help enhance your personal beer experience. There is a growing thirst (see what I did there?) for quality craft beers in both countries and we intend to share that with you.

Celebrate Beer comes to you by two guys who love beer. One lives in Germany and is fully bilingual. The other lives in the heart Pacific Northwest beer country and is still trying to master English as his first language. However, he knows how to build websites and really likes beer.

If you have a topic that we haven’t covered, or if we completely missed the mark on something, let us know. (We will of course also accept pats on the back for jobs-well-done!)

Thank you

We appreciate you following our celebration of the business of beer, and for getting to the end of this dry “Who We Are” story. We’ll do our best to make this the driest of anything we publish and never let any of our stories taste like Mead.


Markus and Dave